Introduction to web development

Web Development is also known as Web Programming it is the production of dynamic Web Application Examples of Web Application are social networking sites but now we will first give you the Introduction to web development then we come forward.

Introduction to Web Devolpment:

Process involved in building the websites is known as web development. Web development is a wide term  work involved in devolping websites.Web devolpment can

Web Development

Web Development

made pages from simpler to the most complex and difficult pages including Electronic buisnesess, Social network services and Internet applications.Most newly Web Development came  close with ( CMS ) CONTENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM. The advantage of ( CMS ) is that it grants non-technical persons to make changes in their websites.

Importance of Web Developement in Buisness:

Web Developement in Buisness

Web Developement in Buisness

If any of the buisness wants to give a higher position in the organization so web Development is the best way to attract the likelihood due to web development you have a great oppurtune to build a single page static website or the complex ones positioned on knnoty electronic buisness and social networking services depending on your obligations or requirements.If someone wants to make his/her buisness online so he or she have to make the web development to build E-commerce which help you to sell the products to customers with the help of Web Develelopment you can create awebsite easily.

Kinds of services for Web Development:

  1. Magneto website development.
  2. Joomla Website Development.
  3. E-commerce Website Development.
  4. PHP Web Development.
  5. Zencart Website Development.

Recipes for Web Development:

Overview off whole course

Overview off whole course


2. JavaScript.

3. Fixing errors.


5.Websites  techniques of designing.

Tools of the web Development: (Also include in Introduction to Web Development );

The Text Editor Tools OF WEB DEVELOPMENT

The Text Editor Tools OF WEB DEVELOPMENT

1. Opera.

2. Safari.

3. Firefox.

4. Google Chrome.

5. WordPress.

And much more like upper ones.

But, try using the latest version because it is the best option of that.

The Text Editor Tools:

(Also include in Introduction to Web Development );

Tools of the Web Development

Tools of the Web Development

1. Sublime.


3. Notepad.

and much more like that:








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